Why It’s Time You Turned to Account Based Marketing

CEB study has shown that there is rarely one decision maker in charge of approving a sale. The more parties are involved, the lesser the likelihood of the purchase. The statistics showed that with one party involved in the decision making process, the chances of closing the sale is about 80%. Continue Reading

Using the Five Why Technique in Sales

You all know about the importance of asking the ‘why’ question in sales, right? What about asking five why questions? Five whys was a problem-solving technique introduced by Sakichi Toyoda, a Japanese inventor who worked for Toyota. Costly mistakes that arose during vehicle manufacturing meant Continue Reading

Using NLP to Handle Objections and Establish Rapport with Clients

If you are following popular psychology trends, then you might have come across the term Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. NLP explores the relationships between our thought and communication patterns on one side and our behavioral and emotional reactions on the other. It provides a window into Continue Reading

Are You a Social Seller?

Have you already jumped on the social selling bandwagon? If not, what are you waiting for? As the whole world is turning towards social media, so are your prospects. Is there a better way to reach and find out everything about your leads than through social media? Social selling is about Continue Reading

7 Powerful MVP Strategies to See If the World Really Wants Your Product

Every entrepreneur has faced the risk of investing a lot of time and money in something nobody really wants -- ergo the frequently recommended strategy ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP). Basically, MVP is the methodology you use when launching a new product and testing its features in the real world Continue Reading

How Sales Enablement Tools Can Remove Friction between Sales and Marketing

With the ever-growing technological solutions, it has never been easier to systematize and increase the efficiency of market-sales relations. However, in practice this is not always accomplished. Rarely does the market department have access to comprehensive, real-time client feedback, which is why Continue Reading

6 Bulletproof Methods for Boosting Your Productivity

Planning how many tasks to put in a day is not as easy as it’s cut out to be. There’s more to making a to-do list than just write, do and cross out. The number 1 with to-do lists is - prioritize. I’m sure you will find a million things to do today, but be honest ­- are all of them equally important? Continue Reading

Don’t Stumble: Seize The Teachable Moment

Executive teams around the world work hard to achieve the expectations inherent with their status as leaders for their companies. In sales, as leaders and coaches alike, we use a frequent term to describe a common phenomenon: stumble. Managers can “stumble” from not being alert for the best Continue Reading

Mental Magic: Lessons in Influence

It’s only been in the past 50 years that researchers have begun to recognize that persuasion, while an innate capability for some, also has a scientific application. Since the beginning of time, people-versus-people-type conflicts have consistently been some of the most influential events on Continue Reading

Let’s Have Fun! (in sales)

Last week I was in New York speaking at a conference; during my time on stage, I used the phrase, “If you can’t have fun, you shouldn’t be in this room (and probably can’t sell”), and the reaction I received was interesting to say the least. As I scanned the room, bewildered faces seemed to be the Continue Reading

Rules To Maximize the Sales Negotiation Process

The sales negotiation process is a salesperson’s opportunity to meet three critically important objectives: establish a relationship with the buyer; remove risks that prevent a buyer from signing your contract; target a bigger sales package than the buyer originally expected. Here are a few tips to Continue Reading