Psychological Tricks to Pump Up Your Social Media Conversions in 2018

Let’s start here…congratulations on a great Q4! Sales are soaring, morale is at an all-time high, and your internal PR efforts are driving inbound sales leads, noteworthy industry recognition, and a boat load of followers to your social channels. But now what?  Do you want them to ‘like, share, Continue Reading

9 Powerful Editing Tips to Make Your Copy Shine

Self-editing is not an easy thing; it requires being highly critical about your own writing. You need to be able to observe your writing from someone else’s perspective -- the Imaginary Reader – and spot if there is anything that this reader might have difficulties understanding. Although it all Continue Reading

Why Revamping Your Sales Content Library Will Maximize Your Sales

Isn’t it wonderful when sales have just the right content at their disposal to lead the buyer through all stages of the journey? Sales are closed, quotas met, everyone is happy… Guess what? None of these things will happen if your sales content library is in a mess. That is why the time to revamp is Continue Reading

Learning from the Best: Top 120 Sales Companies Sharing Their Practices

I recently read a great case study on sales growth and I would like to share with you the most important key points that can help you drive sales. The case study was named “Sales Growth: Five Proven Strategies from the World's Sales Leaders” and it was done by a team of global leaders from Continue Reading

Why It’s Time You Turned to Account Based Marketing

CEB study has shown that there is rarely one decision maker in charge of approving a sale. The more parties are involved, the lesser the likelihood of the purchase. The statistics showed that with one party involved in the decision making process, the chances of closing the sale is about 80%. Continue Reading

How Sales Enablement Tools Can Remove Friction between Sales and Marketing

With the ever-growing technological solutions, it has never been easier to systematize and increase the efficiency of market-sales relations. However, in practice this is not always accomplished. Rarely does the market department have access to comprehensive, real-time client feedback, which is why Continue Reading

The Best Kept Email Secret: Subject Lines

Captivating your audience should always be on the mind of a successful marketing and sales professional. For a new or an existing business, email newsletters provide the most cost-efficient method for engaging on a regular basis. While it may take a little while to build an appropriate subscriber’s Continue Reading

Three Strategies for Better Lead Qualification

In a sophisticated world like ours, it never hurts to revisit the basics from time to time. One of the “basics” we’re prone to overlook in sales is well summarized by the maxim, “Qualify, qualify, qualify.” That is, in our rush to close as many deals as possible, we tend to chase a lot of fruitless Continue Reading

Have You Ever Been to a Networking Event? These Are the 5 People You Want to Meet

Conferences are awesome learning opportunities. Most are carefully crafted to bring top industry leaders and up-and-coming business professionals together for several days of instruction and fellowship—all in an environment that hopefully serves as a much-needed “getaway” for participants and Continue Reading

The Power of Persuasion – Social Proof

Social proof - heard of it? The power of persuasion… When it comes to marketing, online and otherwise, it’s very true that many methods of doing so and gaining new customers in the process have been heavily exhausted. We all know that advertisements are everywhere these days, no matter where you Continue Reading