What Do Physics and Sales Have in Common?

To refresh our knowledge of physics, let us recap the definition of inertia -- it is the force that keeps an object moving or stationary until it is moved or stopped by another force. So, imagine a ball standing in one place. This ball will continue to be still until an outside force causes it to Continue Reading

5 Questions You Want Your Prospects To Ask You

Most sales blogs (including mine) go on and on about the importance of asking the right questions to the prospect. Questions help you get out from the prospects everything you need to be able to help them: their current needs and pain points, where their company stands at the moment, what their Continue Reading

13 Proven Steps for Winning Sales Conversations

There are many strategies out there on how to trump your competitors in a sale conversation. As this is something I’ve been studying and testing for a while, I’d like to share my insights. Even if it doesn’t get you to change your current practices, I am sure that some of the issues will make you Continue Reading

Why Revamping Your Sales Content Library Will Maximize Your Sales

Isn’t it wonderful when sales have just the right content at their disposal to lead the buyer through all stages of the journey? Sales are closed, quotas met, everyone is happy… Guess what? None of these things will happen if your sales content library is in a mess. That is why the time to revamp is Continue Reading

Learning from the Best: Top 120 Sales Companies Sharing Their Practices

I recently read a great case study on sales growth and I would like to share with you the most important key points that can help you drive sales. The case study was named “Sales Growth: Five Proven Strategies from the World's Sales Leaders” and it was done by a team of global leaders from Continue Reading

What Do Seasoned Sales Reps Do Differently?

Let’s face it – being a salesperson is not the most likeable profession in the world. And the prospects are not getting any easier either – they expect fully individualized treatment and nothing but. However, if you are like me, setting the bar high and surpassing your own personal goals is the true Continue Reading

Using the Five Why Technique in Sales

You all know about the importance of asking the ‘why’ question in sales, right? What about asking five why questions? Five whys was a problem-solving technique introduced by Sakichi Toyoda, a Japanese inventor who worked for Toyota. Costly mistakes that arose during vehicle manufacturing meant Continue Reading

Using NLP to Handle Objections and Establish Rapport with Clients

If you are following popular psychology trends, then you might have come across the term Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. NLP explores the relationships between our thought and communication patterns on one side and our behavioral and emotional reactions on the other. It provides a window into Continue Reading

Are You a Social Seller?

Have you already jumped on the social selling bandwagon? If not, what are you waiting for? As the whole world is turning towards social media, so are your prospects. Is there a better way to reach and find out everything about your leads than through social media? Social selling is about Continue Reading

Don’t Stumble: Seize The Teachable Moment

Executive teams around the world work hard to achieve the expectations inherent with their status as leaders for their companies. In sales, as leaders and coaches alike, we use a frequent term to describe a common phenomenon: stumble. Managers can “stumble” from not being alert for the best Continue Reading

Mental Magic: Lessons in Influence

It’s only been in the past 50 years that researchers have begun to recognize that persuasion, while an innate capability for some, also has a scientific application. Since the beginning of time, people-versus-people-type conflicts have consistently been some of the most influential events on Continue Reading