Psychological Tricks to Pump Up Your Social Media Conversions in 2018

Let’s start here…congratulations on a great Q4! Sales are soaring, morale is at an all-time high, and your internal PR efforts are driving inbound sales leads, noteworthy industry recognition, and a boat load of followers to your social channels. But now what?  Do you want them to ‘like, share, Continue Reading

Insights From Behavioral Economics To Help You Sell Better

In my article, You Are Not as Rational as You Think – 6 Cognitive Biases Sales Reps Should Watch out for, I wrote about various patterns of faulty thinking that can twist sales reps’ reasoning skills and jeopardize their success rate. On the flip side, sales reps are not the only ones that give in Continue Reading

A/B Testing in Sales vs. A/B TESTING IN SALES

There are two pieces of advice I often hear: The more calls you make, the more deals you will close. Generally, I agree. However, there is one catch here: making a high volume of calls does not necessarily imply that you are doing your job well. It is very likely that it is the opposite! It Continue Reading

4 Unorthodox Persuasion Techniques You Can Test in Your Next Sales Conversation

Academics have been quite diligent in creating, proving and disproving hypotheses on how to persuade people. Actually, the resources invested in some of these studies are incredibly high. Why is so much attention given to this field and who funds this? The answer is simple. Big Business. Continue Reading

How An Accurate Sales Forecast Can Win You a Promotion

Early on in a sales career, it’s easy to view sales is a solo job… after all; you are the only one responsible for your own quota, right?  This attitude can’t be farther from the truth when you realize a company counting on your predictions and results. If you ‘miss’, the company misses, and the Continue Reading

Why Your Company Should Do Everything to Avoid the Boom-Bust Cycle

Many companies accept the boom and bust periods as a necessary part of the business cycle. However, nothing is more wrong than that; boom-bust cycle is detrimental both to your business and your employees. Listed are seven main reasons why your company should do everything to maintain a consistent Continue Reading

9 Powerful Editing Tips to Make Your Copy Shine

Self-editing is not an easy thing; it requires being highly critical about your own writing. You need to be able to observe your writing from someone else’s perspective -- the Imaginary Reader – and spot if there is anything that this reader might have difficulties understanding. Although it all Continue Reading

What Do Physics and Sales Have in Common?

To refresh our knowledge of physics, let us recap the definition of inertia -- it is the force that keeps an object moving or stationary until it is moved or stopped by another force. So, imagine a ball standing in one place. This ball will continue to be still until an outside force causes it to Continue Reading

You Are Not As Rational As You Think — 6 Cognitive Biases Sales Reps Should Watch Out For

People are judgmental, opinionated beings. We like to think that we are more rational than we really are. We tend to overestimate our intuition and we love to draw conclusions and make assumptions. Think of your aunt who saw you drunk twice in your life. It did not take her long to assume you Continue Reading

5 Questions You Want Your Prospects To Ask You

Most sales blogs (including mine) go on and on about the importance of asking the right questions to the prospect. Questions help you get out from the prospects everything you need to be able to help them: their current needs and pain points, where their company stands at the moment, what their Continue Reading

13 Proven Steps for Winning Sales Conversations

There are many strategies out there on how to trump your competitors in a sale conversation. As this is something I’ve been studying and testing for a while, I’d like to share my insights. Even if it doesn’t get you to change your current practices, I am sure that some of the issues will make you Continue Reading