The Art and Craft of Following Up

There’s something uniquely challenging about following up with clients after a sales presentation. If we do it too soon, we risk coming across as overly eager to pocket a commission. On the other hand, if we wait too long, we risk being undermined by a competitor who happens to catch our customer at Continue Reading

Three Strategies for Better Lead Qualification

In a sophisticated world like ours, it never hurts to revisit the basics from time to time. One of the “basics” we’re prone to overlook in sales is well summarized by the maxim, “Qualify, qualify, qualify.” That is, in our rush to close as many deals as possible, we tend to chase a lot of fruitless Continue Reading

A No-Nonsense Approach to Customer Objections

We’ve all been there before. A prospective customer has been listening attentively as we explain our product’s features and cutting-edge advantages over our competitors. We’re CONVINCED our product is a perfect solution for the customer’s problem, and WE KNOW we just delivered the smack down of all Continue Reading

Four Ways to Make Cold Calls Less Terrifying and More Effective

Let’s start out by saying that if you don’t like cold calling… sales aint for you. It’s ironic because cold calls definitely ranks among the most dreaded of all sales responsibilities. Even under the best of circumstances, they’re tedious, difficult, and emotionally draining. Ineffective cold Continue Reading

The Counter-Intuitive Wisdom of Pitching Your Expertise

The most valuable asset we have to offer our customers is our particular expertise in solving their problems. Others may have the same technology, but we have the superior application. Others may offer the same service, but we do it better, with greater efficiency. Or perhaps we’re in one of those Continue Reading

Have You Ever Been to a Networking Event? These Are the 5 People You Want to Meet

Conferences are awesome learning opportunities. Most are carefully crafted to bring top industry leaders and up-and-coming business professionals together for several days of instruction and fellowship—all in an environment that hopefully serves as a much-needed “getaway” for participants and Continue Reading