Migrating Your Business to the Cloud – Precautions and Infrastructure Needs

2012 has been the year of transitioning to the cloud, even though it’s a considerably old Internet infrastructure model for businesses. Most executives understand that web space (or cloud space) is not a new invention, but it has new relevance. Looking back, store products showcased in physical Continue Reading

Quick Insight Into Collaborative Consumption

Author and market analyzer, Rachel Botsman, describes collaborative consumption as a generational trend of sharing, interacting and bartering with selfless tendencies, while maintaining capitalistic behavior. I agree with Botsman’s assessment when viewing company products and agency projects like: Continue Reading

Crowdsourcing as a Trend?

Before we get started – let’s pose a very simple question, what does crowdsourcing mean? Drumroll please... Crowdsourcing, an incorrectly compounded term meant to maintain its colloquial essence, has plenty of meanings in actuality. The most prominent among them (you could probably guess) is Continue Reading

The Pressing Need For Cloud Space Data Sequencing

New areas of data analysis in the Internet have spawned esoteric professional titles like, “data miner,” “open source data sequencer,” and, “cloud space computer.” What’s important is that software engineers are directed to, or entrepreneurially focused on, the unique opportunity to create data Continue Reading