If You’re In Sales – You Better Be Asking These Questions

Like so many sales techniques, knowing when and how to ask questions with prospective customers is more like an art than a science. Asking the right questions can build rapport, demonstrate competence, and customize a sales approach to a particular customer’s needs. Asking the wrong questions, on Continue Reading

A No-Nonsense Approach to Customer Objections

We’ve all been there before. A prospective customer has been listening attentively as we explain our product’s features and cutting-edge advantages over our competitors. We’re CONVINCED our product is a perfect solution for the customer’s problem, and WE KNOW we just delivered the smack down of all Continue Reading

Four Ways to Make Cold Calls Less Terrifying and More Effective

Let’s start out by saying that if you don’t like cold calling… sales aint for you. It’s ironic because cold calls definitely ranks among the most dreaded of all sales responsibilities. Even under the best of circumstances, they’re tedious, difficult, and emotionally draining. Ineffective cold Continue Reading

Humanizing Your Sales Relationships – Some Common Sense Advice

One of the most fundamental laws of business is that healthy sales drive profitability. We know that. We also know that healthy customer relationships are what sustain those sales and generate new referrals. Yet for some odd reason, whenever some of us go into “sales mode,” we seem to forget that Continue Reading

The Counter-Intuitive Wisdom of Pitching Your Expertise

The most valuable asset we have to offer our customers is our particular expertise in solving their problems. Others may have the same technology, but we have the superior application. Others may offer the same service, but we do it better, with greater efficiency. Or perhaps we’re in one of those Continue Reading

Have You Ever Been to a Networking Event? These Are the 5 People You Want to Meet

Conferences are awesome learning opportunities. Most are carefully crafted to bring top industry leaders and up-and-coming business professionals together for several days of instruction and fellowship—all in an environment that hopefully serves as a much-needed “getaway” for participants and Continue Reading

8 Things You Should Know About Business Development For Start-Ups

That unequivocal buzzword,  “business development” (“BD / Biz Dev” for short) is thrown around frequently in start-up circles. Unfortunately, there’s no clear consensus on what the term means or what scope of activities it covers. My favorite interpretation of the phrase is Business Insider’s, Continue Reading

The Subtle Art of Closing the Deal

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of mastering “the art of the close.” You can get every other aspect of your sales process perfect, but if you fumble the closing stage, all that effort is wasted. You lose a client. They miss out on your solution. How can we do better at Continue Reading

All in Your Head: Discovering the Winner’s Mindset

It’s not hard to see the similarities between business and professional sports. Many have written about it before. Both are highly competitive. Both demand skill and training, talent and good instincts. Both offer tremendous rewards for success, and both can deal devastating blows for failure. In Continue Reading

Four Tips for Getting in Your Customers’ Head

Understanding and learning to think like our customers is the lifeblood of innovation. We all know that. But sometimes we forget, and even in the midst of a successful growth streak we suddenly catch ourselves wondering where to go next. Let’s relearn some of the lessons that you may have been Continue Reading

Selling the Imagination: Why Great Storytellers Make Great Salespeople

What key business skill did the late Steve Jobs and the folk legend Scheherazade have in common? GREAT storytelling ability. Applying the same cunning with which the Persian queen persuaded a jealous king to spare her life, the Apple visionary won over thousands of users, captivating them with his Continue Reading